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Universal Credits (UC):
Ship Specifications:
  Cruise Speed: 0 AU/yr
  Warp Speed: 0 parsec/yr
  Fuel Cells: 0/0
  Shield Strength: 0/0
  Laser Cannons: 0
  Conventional Missiles: 0/0
Mineral Cargo: 0/0
Gas Cargo: 0/0
Radioactive Cargo: 0/0
Mining Crews: 0
Tourists: 0
2-Chamber Fusion Engine - 1500 UC
Speed - 10 AU/yr . Useful for exploration within a solar system. Rear placement only.
Guest Quarters - 500 UC
Adding guest quarters is a great investment - each provides an income of 100 UC per year of travel.
Refinery - 4000 UC
Establish a refinery on a planet to process the available resources. Use cargo bays to retrieve the refined material.
Mineral cargo bay - 250 UC
Storage for minerals (Gold, Silver, Iron Ore, etc.).
Gas cargo bay - 250 UC
Storage for gases (Hydrogen, Argon, etc.).
Hazardous materials cargo bay - 500 UC
Storage for radioactive material (Uranium, Plutonium, etc.).
Shield - 1500 UC
Provides a measure of protection against enemy weapon fire and space debris.
Laser Cannon - 500 UC
Weapon producing moderate damage. Not effective on large asteroids.
Conventional Missiles (4) - 500 UC
Guided missile weapon producing moderate damage, and can break up large asteroids.
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